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Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line

January 21, 2016
by Canadag

The Kids!

Since I talked about kids on my last post, I figured I would take the time to make a post all for the kids. Now granted, there are a lot of people out there who cannot justify spending so much money on apparel for your kids considering they will only last a few years before your kids simply outgrow them. I definitely understand where you are coming from and this is definitely only a purchase that should be made if you absolutely have the means to do so.

So Cute!

If you can only justify buying one or two pieces of apparel from Canada Goose, this post probably isn’t going to be for you. That being said, the Lamb Snowsuit line that they offer is not only one of the most adorable things I have ever put on my children, I can feel comfortable and confident sending them outside in the snow to play and not have to worry about the cold being too much for them.

My little girl Kristen is not the biggest fan of the snow. She is the youngest so she likes to affiliate herself with her older brothers and even though she would never go outside and play by herself, she is always right out the door with the boys when they decide they want to.

Once we bought her the Lamb Snowsuit, I have never seen her so content with being outside. There is never a drop of water or snow on the clothes she has underneath and seeing her actually excited to go outside with her brothers makes me feel so much more comfortable sending her out. Don’t go anywhere for more Canada Goose!

January 20, 2016
by CanadagooseReview

The Real Outdoors

Nothing Compares

This one is going to be for any other mothers out there or maybe even for any guys who work outside for their jobs. Canada Goose offers “snow pants” that I myself have found to be the single best pieces of snow gear that I have ever owned or seen.

Being the lucky stay at home mother and reviewer that I am, I am lucky to be able to say that I do not have to work outside all day long. That being said, I am a mother and kids tend to enjoy playing outside in the snow so I can appreciate a quality brand of snow pants, for both me and my children.

Canada Goose’s Tundra apparel offer protection against snow like I have never seen. The outlet doesn’t offer everything that the full website offers unfortunately and online we can see that they offer the Tundra Pant, Cargo Pant, Arctic Rigger Overall, and Tundra Bib Overall.

I only own the Tundra Bib Overall for myself and my family so I can’t speak from experience for the other styles. The overall however, seems to be the most practical out of the group and covers all of your bases. The coverall definitely offers the most protection, but putting on the whole outfit every time you go outside might be a little bit more hassle than necessary. If you are in the market for a new coat as well then this might be the option for you but if you are just looking for protection for your legs, than I would suggest the bib overall.

Again like the parkas from my post yesterday, don’t let the appearance of these fool you. They cost so much because they look thin but I guarantee you will not find leggings that will keep you warmer.

January 19, 2016
by CanadagooseReview

The Parkas

Image result for canada goose storeImage result for canada goose store

I believe it goes without saying that your coat is probably the single most important piece of clothing to protect you against the treacherous winters that are all too common in Canada and the northern United States. If Canada Goose is a little bit out of your price range and you can only afford or justify to yourself to buy one or two pieces from them, then the parka is the piece to get. The thing I love the most about them I have to admit, is how thin they look but the protection from the wind and cold is as good as any other heavy duty and bulky looking coat, jacket, or parka on the market.

For anyone out there who have never been to an official Canada Goose store or outlet and only have the world wide web to go off of, the parkas might appear to be pretty weak looking and don’t really appear to offer all that much protection but let me tell you that looks are deceiving in this case and that is what makes these products so beautiful.

An Investment

The quality that is put into these parkas are worth every penny of the relatively high prices but I like to look at all of my Canada Goose pieces as more of an investment than simply a piece of clothing. One parka will be more than enough to last you for many years to come which could eventually save your wallet some cash from restocking on cheap coats every year.

If you’re going to take anything from what I have to say on here I would suggest you take this one to heart. You will not regret an investment in one of these parkas; they are simply amazing.

Stay tuned!

January 18, 2016
by CanadagooseReview


Welcome to an open and honest forum on one of Canada’s most sought after clothing line and apparel out today, Canada Goose. For those of you who have never heard of the brand before let me start off by saying that I am absolutely in love with everything they put out and even though the prices can be a bit out of reach for a lot of people, I feel that they are worth every penny if you have the means to afford them

If this is something that is simply out of the question for you, Canada Goose does offer a bit more affordable options in their outlet and the quality of this outlet is just as good as their actual store. Although they definitely limit their options in the outlet, you can still find high quality stuff here and gives you the satisfaction of owning a brand that celebrities and people who have lots of money love to boast around in.

Any of you out there reading this who are from Canada or northern parts of the states know how harsh winters can be and having a coat and other clothes that protect you from the brutal winds and temperatures is absolutely imperative.

I am going to use this as place where I can be totally honest and give you my genuine feedback on different aspects of Canada Goose and their outlet, whether it be positive or negative (although most of it will be positive).

I hope to help anyone trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to drop so much money on clothes, which might sound crazy to a lot of people out there.

Thanks for visiting my page!