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Alright now that my brother got his revenge we can get back to what this page is about, Canada Goose!

Spring is Coming!

At the end of the day, winter this year has been pretty glorious where I live. Sure we got some snow but there really has only been a few occasions where there was enough to stick for any real amount of time and compared to the last couple years the temperature really never got unbearable. Even though I love Canada Goose and a lot of the clothes that I have to dig out of my closet for winter, I really hate the season and am always counting down the days until spring.

I figured this would be an appropriate time to start talking about some of the options Canada Goose offers in regards to spring wear. Their line of Shells are amazing jackets and are made from material that is just as high of quality as their heavier winter gear.

I always get excited around this time of the year because it is close to the time that I can bring these back out and put away my winter jacket until next year! If you have never felt one of their Shells, they are extremely light weight but the material they are made of make them completely capable of handling colder weather.

All this talk about spring is getting me excited! Only a month to go 🙂

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