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My Brother Strikes Back!


Hey everyone I am back! It’s been a minute since my last post and guess who came over to my house in the mean time?

Yup, my brother John the exterminator and you better believe I did not let up on his little counterfeit debacle that he found himself in. Click here if you missed any of my earlier posts and need a little catching up.

I Was Nice, Wasn’t I?

We decided to have a little family get together at our house last week and after talking about his fake Louis Vuitton purchase on here, I couldn’t resist bringing it up again and making fun of him for it. He was actually a little upset about me bringing it up in front of his wife again and I felt kind of bad, but after I read what I had wrote about him again on here I thought I was pretty nice.

Are you taking notes John?! (Last time I am bringing this up; I promise)

His Revenge

So if you didn’t catch it, my brother actually is a professional exterminator and he definitely paid me back in full for getting on his case again. He doesn’t live in my state anymore but worked for this company at and transferred to their sister company where he lives now.

In between everyone laughing at John for buying the fake bag, he started drilling me on pest questions and equated my lack of exterminator knowledge to his lack of counterfeit knowledge and that there was no reason for him to know the difference.

Alright this was a very fair point. I really don’t expect any guys to know how to spot a fake and this should have been the end of the discussion, but John had to take it a few steps further. So just to teach me a lesson, John started patrolling my house looking for rodents and any signs that I might have any. So he comes back into the room with a huge smile on his face, explaining that he found no signs of mice. He pauses for a minute then explains that although I don’t have rats, he thinks he found some signs of bed bugs in my room and asked how in the world did I not notice?

I have never been so close to fainting in my life.

So of course I immediately jump out of my chair (and almost out of my skin) and run to my bedroom, demanding he show the proof. He couldn’t get a word out of his mouth before letting out his obnoxious and evil laugh, asking me how it felt to not know anything when it comes to his profession.

Point taken John. I will never talk down about a man who can’t tell the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton on here again…


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