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Remember My Brother?

A few days ago I briefly mentioned my brother who may or may not have made the best choices in his life and ended up working for a exterminator company here:

He found himself in a little bit of a situation this year for Christmas and it relates to what I was talking about in regards to counterfeiting¬†and thought I’d share it and tie it into the Canada Goose Reviewer!

Just Don’t Do It

If you ever find yourself in a situation where something seems way too good to be true then 99% of the time it is and this is especially true when it comes to counterfeit items. So this Christmas my brother bought his wife a brand new pair of what he thought were used but in perfect condition Louis Vuitton bag. Long story short his wife immediately knew they were fake and flipped because he had been talking up the gift for weeks.

Not Just Morally Wrong

I think it goes without saying that selling anything counterfeit is morally wrong and only horrible people can do it without feeling any remorse. Selling counterfeit purses and accessories are bad yes, but selling counterfeit Canada Goose can be down right dangerous.

Can you tell the difference?

Because of the extremely high quality material that goes into each article of Canada Goose, they are made to withstand brutal weather. If someone believes they are getting the real deal they are more than likely going to think they are much more protected against the cold than they actually are.

There have been cases of near hypothermia in people who believed they had bought the real thing.

I’ll get more into my brother and his not as dangerous but just as dumb situation next time.

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