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Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line



Now that I have touched on my favorite aspects here at Canada Goose I figured I would switch topics and talk about what to look for in an authentic piece of Canada Goose as opposed to counterfeits. As you probably know by this point, this clothing line is not cheap which makes it the perfect target for anyone trying to make a quick buck.

What To Look For

The logo is the first thing that you can look at if you are wondering whether or not what you’re buying is real or not. Surprisingly enough, it is not uncommon for counterfeiters to misspell either Canada or Arctic on their patches and is the most obvious sign of a fake.

How dumb can these counterfeiters be?

It is just shocking how easily and without a second thought people can pray on innocent unsuspecting victims. If I paid hundreds of dollars and found it to be a fake I would lose my mind.

Canada Goose is working hard to fight against fraud and have implemented a hologram that is sewn into every piece of their clothing. If counterfeiters can’t even spell the brand name right, I highly doubt they have what it takes to add this to every fake piece they make.

The fur is almost something to look for. If it doesn’t feel full and you have any doubt in your mind at all whether or not the fur is real, it most likely isn’t.

Not only is this morally reprehensible, counterfeiting also creates a lot of potential danger. I will talk more about that tomorrow.

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