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Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line



After posting about Canada Goose and their lack of boots in their clothing line, I thought about it more and it kind of surprises me. Especially since they are from Canada and the majority of the people living in the states have to endure such brutal winters I would think this would be on the top of their list. Is there anything better than good snow boots? Or anything worse than snow boots that you find filling with freezing water after only 20 minutes?

Outdoor Jobs

My husband is fortunate enough to not have to work outdoors and I am even more fortunate enough to not have to work outside of my home and kids but my heart goes out to those who are stuck outside for work, especially in the snow.

This is what my brother is stuck doing for a living and although he never really made the best choices to land him with this job, I still feel horrible for him. Luckily he is fortunate enough to live in a city where snow is obviously not an issue, but those people with this kind of a job having to work outdoors must have high quality and durable snow boots.

I would imagine that jobs like exterminators have to take any and all calls during the winter season to keep business afloat because I would imagine there aren’t that many calls for them.

Stay tuned to hear about counterfeit Canada Goose next!

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