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What About the Feet?


The one thing that Canada Goose does not offer at all and has forced me to shop outside of them is good well guarding snow boots. Or any boots at all for that matter. I can’t imagine how much they would run if they ever decided to make a line of boots but you can bet I’d be the first in line and the first to write a review of them on here!

Being originally from Canada, good snow boots were essential to survival in our brutal winters. I’m sure the most of you out there reading this have to deal with snow during the season and some of you might have it worse than I had and have but Canada got pretty bad.


Unlike Nobis where I can actually think of some examples, I don’t have a set pair that has stuck out in my head as being my favorite snow boots, but I do own a pair of Pajar right now and I don’t see myself getting anything different in the near future.

The thing I like about them is that like Canada Goose, they don’t appear bulky or protruding in any way but are still some of the warmest boots I have ever worn.

I can’t really think of any brands of boots that can claim to be the best out there so I think this one is up for debate. Any readers out there have any brands that they have found to be the most comfortable but still keep you warm?

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