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Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line

Alright What Else?


So if you have been keeping up at all with me here on Canada Goose, I think you kind of got the point that I absolutely love this brand and I really don’t buy much of any other brand when it comes to winter wear for me and my family. I figured now that I have touched on my husband and kids from earlier posts and covered my family’s favorite picks I might as well mix it up a little bit and talk about another clothing line that I like if I had to pick another.

Really All I Wear?

In all honesty, yes. When it comes to any kind of clothes to wear for snow and real cold temperatures I only own Canada Goose. This doesn’t mean that I have an entire wardrobe full of everything and anything Canada Goose by the way. My husband does very well in providing for his family but he doesn’t do that well. Oh what I would give for a closet full of Goose.

I have shopped around and bought a few things from the clothing line Nobis in the past and have to admit, it is a pretty close second. This was another brand that started off in Canada so for anyone in the states or anywhere else around the world I encourage you to check this company out if you have never heard of them which I am sure you have not.

They don’t offer as much of a variety and not quite the style I prefer, but the material and quality they use is almost up to par with Canada Goose.

I’ll try to mix it up more on this thing in the future!

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