Canada Goose Reviews and Outlet

Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line



Now that you know my children’s favorite I thought I would give one to my husband. One of his better purchases from Canada Goose has to be their shell jacket apparel. This is a piece that they offer at their outlet as well and are some of their more affordable pieces.

For Thick Skin

Unlike me, my husband loves being outdoors. He loves going on camping trips with the kids and loves his fishing trips with his friends even more so. These things are designed to be sort of all-around weather protecting jackets.

These aren’t really meant to be worn in the winter time or the coldest parts of the year, but rather in the fall or early spring when the temperatures aren’t quite freezing but you still need to put something on. You can look at these as Canada Goose’s “wind breaker,” if you will. That being said, the material that they use is still as high of quality as any other pieces of apparel that they offer so don’t be concerned about the quality.

My husband loves them because of how waterproof these things really are. They are designed and advertised for “unpredictable” weather, perfect for camping or fishing that my husband loves oh so much.

Sending my kids off with my husband is much easier on me when I know they are being protected so well with this clothing. My husband is great, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to little things like making sure the kids are always dry and never cold is something that I tend to put a little bit more emphasis on than him so thank you to Canada Goose for putting my mind a little bit more at ease.

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