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The Kids!


Since I talked about kids on my last post, I figured I would take the time to make a post all for the kids. Now granted, there are a lot of people out there who cannot justify spending so much money on apparel for your kids considering they will only last a few years before your kids simply outgrow them. I definitely understand where you are coming from and this is definitely only a purchase that should be made if you absolutely have the means to do so.

So Cute!

If you can only justify buying one or two pieces of apparel from Canada Goose, this post probably isn’t going to be for you. That being said, the Lamb Snowsuit line that they offer is not only one of the most adorable things I have ever put on my children, I can feel comfortable and confident sending them outside in the snow to play and not have to worry about the cold being too much for them.

My little girl Kristen is not the biggest fan of the snow. She is the youngest so she likes to affiliate herself with her older brothers and even though she would never go outside and play by herself, she is always right out the door with the boys when they decide they want to.

Once we bought her the Lamb Snowsuit, I have never seen her so content with being outside. There is never a drop of water or snow on the clothes she has underneath and seeing her actually excited to go outside with her brothers makes me feel so much more comfortable sending her out. Don’t go anywhere for more Canada Goose!

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