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Just a Bored Mother and Her Favorite Clothing Line

February 24, 2016
by Canadag


Alright now that my brother got his revenge we can get back to what this page is about, Canada Goose!

Spring is Coming!

At the end of the day, winter this year has been pretty glorious where I live. Sure we got some snow but there really has only been a few occasions where there was enough to stick for any real amount of time and compared to the last couple years the temperature really never got unbearable. Even though I love Canada Goose and a lot of the clothes that I have to dig out of my closet for winter, I really hate the season and am always counting down the days until spring.

I figured this would be an appropriate time to start talking about some of the options Canada Goose offers in regards to spring wear. Their line of Shells are amazing jackets and are made from material that is just as high of quality as their heavier winter gear.

I always get excited around this time of the year because it is close to the time that I can bring these back out and put away my winter jacket until next year! If you have never felt one of their Shells, they are extremely light weight but the material they are made of make them completely capable of handling colder weather.

All this talk about spring is getting me excited! Only a month to go 🙂

February 9, 2016
by Canadag

My Brother Strikes Back!

Hey everyone I am back! It’s been a minute since my last post and guess who came over to my house in the mean time?

Yup, my brother John the exterminator and you better believe I did not let up on his little counterfeit debacle that he found himself in. Click here if you missed any of my earlier posts and need a little catching up.

I Was Nice, Wasn’t I?

We decided to have a little family get together at our house last week and after talking about his fake Louis Vuitton purchase on here, I couldn’t resist bringing it up again and making fun of him for it. He was actually a little upset about me bringing it up in front of his wife again and I felt kind of bad, but after I read what I had wrote about him again on here I thought I was pretty nice.

Are you taking notes John?! (Last time I am bringing this up; I promise)

His Revenge

So if you didn’t catch it, my brother actually is a professional exterminator and he definitely paid me back in full for getting on his case again. He doesn’t live in my state anymore but worked for this company at and transferred to their sister company where he lives now.

In between everyone laughing at John for buying the fake bag, he started drilling me on pest questions and equated my lack of exterminator knowledge to his lack of counterfeit knowledge and that there was no reason for him to know the difference.

Alright this was a very fair point. I really don’t expect any guys to know how to spot a fake and this should have been the end of the discussion, but John had to take it a few steps further. So just to teach me a lesson, John started patrolling my house looking for rodents and any signs that I might have any. So he comes back into the room with a huge smile on his face, explaining that he found no signs of mice. He pauses for a minute then explains that although I don’t have rats, he thinks he found some signs of bed bugs in my room and asked how in the world did I not notice?

I have never been so close to fainting in my life.

So of course I immediately jump out of my chair (and almost out of my skin) and run to my bedroom, demanding he show the proof. He couldn’t get a word out of his mouth before letting out his obnoxious and evil laugh, asking me how it felt to not know anything when it comes to his profession.

Point taken John. I will never talk down about a man who can’t tell the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton on here again…


February 1, 2016
by Canadag

Use Common Sense

Considering the dangers of fake Canada Goose clothes, it is really important to try and use common sense when purchasing something from one of the more expensive clothing lines or big companies. When something seems to good to be true, it almost ALWAYS is. If buying brand new Canada Goose is out of the question for you, consider buying them used and I really would never suggest buying anything online that’s not directly sold to from the retailer. The internet can be a pretty dark and scary place and unfortunately for us, not everyone is as honest and genuine as I here at Canada Goose Reviews am 🙂

Especially Guys

I think it goes without saying that men, generally speaking of course, have less of an education or any desire really to know what to look for in anything counterfeit.

Going back to my brother, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and although I wouldn’t put it totally past him, I really don’t think he had any idea that the Louis Vuitton bag he was buying for his wife was a fake and he had the best intentions. I remember him telling me that he bought it but wouldn’t tell me how much he paid. At the time I was thinking it was because he probably spent a lot more than he really could afford, but now looking back I think it was because it was so cheap and he kind of deep down knew it was fake but didn’t want to believe it or hear it.

So for any of you out there like my brother, click here to get a little start on your knowledge of spotting counterfeits. You and your wife might thank me later 🙂

January 29, 2016
by Canadag

Dangers of Counterfeiting

Remember My Brother?

A few days ago I briefly mentioned my brother who may or may not have made the best choices in his life and ended up working for a exterminator company here:

He found himself in a little bit of a situation this year for Christmas and it relates to what I was talking about in regards to counterfeiting and thought I’d share it and tie it into the Canada Goose Reviewer!

Just Don’t Do It

If you ever find yourself in a situation where something seems way too good to be true then 99% of the time it is and this is especially true when it comes to counterfeit items. So this Christmas my brother bought his wife a brand new pair of what he thought were used but in perfect condition Louis Vuitton bag. Long story short his wife immediately knew they were fake and flipped because he had been talking up the gift for weeks.

Not Just Morally Wrong

I think it goes without saying that selling anything counterfeit is morally wrong and only horrible people can do it without feeling any remorse. Selling counterfeit purses and accessories are bad yes, but selling counterfeit Canada Goose can be down right dangerous.

Can you tell the difference?

Because of the extremely high quality material that goes into each article of Canada Goose, they are made to withstand brutal weather. If someone believes they are getting the real deal they are more than likely going to think they are much more protected against the cold than they actually are.

There have been cases of near hypothermia in people who believed they had bought the real thing.

I’ll get more into my brother and his not as dangerous but just as dumb situation next time.

January 27, 2016
by Canadag


Now that I have touched on my favorite aspects here at Canada Goose I figured I would switch topics and talk about what to look for in an authentic piece of Canada Goose as opposed to counterfeits. As you probably know by this point, this clothing line is not cheap which makes it the perfect target for anyone trying to make a quick buck.

What To Look For

The logo is the first thing that you can look at if you are wondering whether or not what you’re buying is real or not. Surprisingly enough, it is not uncommon for counterfeiters to misspell either Canada or Arctic on their patches and is the most obvious sign of a fake.

How dumb can these counterfeiters be?

It is just shocking how easily and without a second thought people can pray on innocent unsuspecting victims. If I paid hundreds of dollars and found it to be a fake I would lose my mind.

Canada Goose is working hard to fight against fraud and have implemented a hologram that is sewn into every piece of their clothing. If counterfeiters can’t even spell the brand name right, I highly doubt they have what it takes to add this to every fake piece they make.

The fur is almost something to look for. If it doesn’t feel full and you have any doubt in your mind at all whether or not the fur is real, it most likely isn’t.

Not only is this morally reprehensible, counterfeiting also creates a lot of potential danger. I will talk more about that tomorrow.

January 26, 2016
by Canadag


After posting about Canada Goose and their lack of boots in their clothing line, I thought about it more and it kind of surprises me. Especially since they are from Canada and the majority of the people living in the states have to endure such brutal winters I would think this would be on the top of their list. Is there anything better than good snow boots? Or anything worse than snow boots that you find filling with freezing water after only 20 minutes?

Outdoor Jobs

My husband is fortunate enough to not have to work outdoors and I am even more fortunate enough to not have to work outside of my home and kids but my heart goes out to those who are stuck outside for work, especially in the snow.

This is what my brother is stuck doing for a living and although he never really made the best choices to land him with this job, I still feel horrible for him. Luckily he is fortunate enough to live in a city where snow is obviously not an issue, but those people with this kind of a job having to work outdoors must have high quality and durable snow boots.

I would imagine that jobs like exterminators have to take any and all calls during the winter season to keep business afloat because I would imagine there aren’t that many calls for them.

Stay tuned to hear about counterfeit Canada Goose next!

January 25, 2016
by Canadag

What About the Feet?

The one thing that Canada Goose does not offer at all and has forced me to shop outside of them is good well guarding snow boots. Or any boots at all for that matter. I can’t imagine how much they would run if they ever decided to make a line of boots but you can bet I’d be the first in line and the first to write a review of them on here!

Being originally from Canada, good snow boots were essential to survival in our brutal winters. I’m sure the most of you out there reading this have to deal with snow during the season and some of you might have it worse than I had and have but Canada got pretty bad.


Unlike Nobis where I can actually think of some examples, I don’t have a set pair that has stuck out in my head as being my favorite snow boots, but I do own a pair of Pajar right now and I don’t see myself getting anything different in the near future.

The thing I like about them is that like Canada Goose, they don’t appear bulky or protruding in any way but are still some of the warmest boots I have ever worn.

I can’t really think of any brands of boots that can claim to be the best out there so I think this one is up for debate. Any readers out there have any brands that they have found to be the most comfortable but still keep you warm?

January 24, 2016
by CanadagooseReview

Alright What Else?

So if you have been keeping up at all with me here on Canada Goose, I think you kind of got the point that I absolutely love this brand and I really don’t buy much of any other brand when it comes to winter wear for me and my family. I figured now that I have touched on my husband and kids from earlier posts and covered my family’s favorite picks I might as well mix it up a little bit and talk about another clothing line that I like if I had to pick another.

Really All I Wear?

In all honesty, yes. When it comes to any kind of clothes to wear for snow and real cold temperatures I only own Canada Goose. This doesn’t mean that I have an entire wardrobe full of everything and anything Canada Goose by the way. My husband does very well in providing for his family but he doesn’t do that well. Oh what I would give for a closet full of Goose.

I have shopped around and bought a few things from the clothing line Nobis in the past and have to admit, it is a pretty close second. This was another brand that started off in Canada so for anyone in the states or anywhere else around the world I encourage you to check this company out if you have never heard of them which I am sure you have not.

They don’t offer as much of a variety and not quite the style I prefer, but the material and quality they use is almost up to par with Canada Goose.

I’ll try to mix it up more on this thing in the future!

January 23, 2016
by Canadag

The Accessories

Now that my husband got his post out of the way, this one is going to be for the ladies.

So there aren’t that many accessory pieces that Canada Goose offers, but the ones that they do are just as great as any other pieces that they offer.

Everything they Offer is Great

Now I think I might be a little bit biased when it comes to this brand because I love them so much, but I swear even the t-shirts they offer just don’t compare to other brands that I wear. From their beanies to their neck warmers, Canada Goose never ceases to impress me.

The one piece of apparel that I must say fell a little bit short in my own personal opinion would have to be the PBI beanie. I don’t really know what it is about it that I was not that much of a fan of but I do not like it as much as the birdseye beanie. My girlfriend however, swears by the PBI and is the only hat she will wear when it is snowing so to each his own I guess.

Even though the cost of any of these pieces will be a little bit higher than most other brands or stores for similar looking pieces, I don’t feel like the prices are outrageous or over the top like some of their other pieces tend to be. If you want to spoil yourself a little bit without going too crazy, I have to suggest one of the hats or neck warmers. They offer extra protection against the cold and you can feel good about owning something from Canada Goose without totally breaking the bank.

January 22, 2016
by Canadag


Now that you know my children’s favorite I thought I would give one to my husband. One of his better purchases from Canada Goose has to be their shell jacket apparel. This is a piece that they offer at their outlet as well and are some of their more affordable pieces.

For Thick Skin

Unlike me, my husband loves being outdoors. He loves going on camping trips with the kids and loves his fishing trips with his friends even more so. These things are designed to be sort of all-around weather protecting jackets.

These aren’t really meant to be worn in the winter time or the coldest parts of the year, but rather in the fall or early spring when the temperatures aren’t quite freezing but you still need to put something on. You can look at these as Canada Goose’s “wind breaker,” if you will. That being said, the material that they use is still as high of quality as any other pieces of apparel that they offer so don’t be concerned about the quality.

My husband loves them because of how waterproof these things really are. They are designed and advertised for “unpredictable” weather, perfect for camping or fishing that my husband loves oh so much.

Sending my kids off with my husband is much easier on me when I know they are being protected so well with this clothing. My husband is great, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to little things like making sure the kids are always dry and never cold is something that I tend to put a little bit more emphasis on than him so thank you to Canada Goose for putting my mind a little bit more at ease.